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Transportation Made Simple
One of the biggest nightmares for meeting planners is coordinating individual and group travel for an event. Attractive options to alleviate the stress and complexity of transportation needs for both the planner and the attendees are hiring charter or party buses. Their convenience, luxury amenities and cost and safety benefits make them avenues to consider seriously. Also a closer look at what you need to know when hiring limos for your guest. Alternatively, Houston also offers inexpensive “green” options in and around the downtown and convention areas to add value to your mobility.

Benefits of Using a Charter or Party Bus
When everyone comes from different locations via assorted methods, it often means scheduling and coordination issues and time wasted waiting for group members to arrive. With charter buses, large groups of travelers reach their destination all at once without extra individual hassles. Bus charters provide destination-specific pick-ups and drop-offs almost anywhere in their service area, often conveniently at multiple points. While certainly easier for meeting planners, it is also great for attendees; they can sit back and enjoy the ride while someone else drives. Plus, if a group outing involves alcohol or late-night driving, attendees don’t have to worry. In addition, large groups get the opportunity and enjoyment of traveling together, which means fun and excitement as well as more chances for team building, networking and camaraderie.

Charter buses feature myriad amenities, from reclining seats, adjustable footrests and personal reading lights to onboard restrooms and high-tech entertainment systems. All charter buses are climate-controlled and built to offer the feel of a luxury automobile ride. Depending on the needs of your group, charter buses come in many shapes and sizes with seating capacities ranging from eight to 300. Each company has its own Web site or information center detailing its amenities and services.

With all the posh amenities associated with charters, many event organizers think that the price will not fit their budget so their group cannot take advantage of the convenience they offer. However, when the costs of driving multiple cars—rental and insurance fees, fuel, mileage reimbursement, parking or maintenance—are compared to the cost of many people in one charter bus, it is a surprisingly economical, competitive option. Moreover, in the current economy, the price of charter buses has become very reasonable, and companies are fiercely competitive for your business, often offering special packages, attractive terms and increased amenities at discounted rates. Be sure to shortlist a few bus charter companies, and take your time comparing quotes before making a decision to get the best bang for your buck.

If your group is looking to charter a bus but wants a little extra flair for a night on the town, a party bus is a fabulous option. Like formal bus charters, they offer convenient group transportation in a safe, regulated environment that also can reduce coordination hassles and costs in the long run. The difference is the interior space. Generally best for smaller groups from 10 to 40, the s spacious interior and extra amenities of a party bus make guests feel like rock stars. Although details vary across companies, possible elements include fully stocked bars, a flat-screen TV with DVD player, a CD player connected to a dynamic surround-sound system, plush leather couch seating, a mirrored ceiling, custom specialty lighting and high ceilings that allow for comfortable moving around.

Another benefit of hiring a charter or party bus for your event is that it is statistically one of the safest forms of travel. In addition to the logic of “safety in numbers,” charter bus drivers are highly regulated so the industry has an unparalleled safety record in terms of road transportation. Moreover, the U.S. Department of Transportation (USDOT) regulates the nation’s charter bus industry. Companies are required to have insurance policies to protect its customers while in transit, and drivers are required to carry a current USDOT Physical Exam Card, be drug tested and maintain a log for miles and hours of service so they do not exceed maximum drive time and thus become tired behind the wheel. Plus, charter buses are safer for the environment, achieving the highest passenger miles per gallon (MPG) and the lowest passenger MPG of carbon dioxide emissions of all forms of road transportation.

Whether you’re transporting large groups for a business conference or company party outing, charter and party buses can be found at a good deal. Depending on the nature of the event, group size and budget, both can be reasonable options to consider. Just make sure any deal also delivers the quality and services you expect for the needs of your group.

In the Lap of Limo Luxury
Hiring limousines for your event transportation certainly is a way to impress, but finding a good limo service can be more difficult than it seems. The sheer number of companies out there ensures selection, but how do you narrow it down to get the best value and quality for your money? When looking for limo transportation, always use caution and research to find reliable and honest companies that will give you the service you expect and deserve.

When searching for a company, most want the lowest price, but cheapest is not always the best. Although services seem the same, often a slightly more expensive business invests in its back office, which ensures quality service. This includes background-checked experienced chauffeurs, vehicle maintenance and liability insurance, 24-hour dispatch and protected credit card data. Going for a deal is fine, but just make sure you’re getting quality.

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